Struttura alberghiera 2** SaH1

The hotel is located in a quiet area a short walk from the town center, the rooms are spacious and bright, with panoramic views of the village lies at the foot of Mount Lisorgoni 978m and the Supramonte or the valley of Lottalo, and then ranges to Mount Ortobene and Mount Gonare from which you can enjoy beautiful sunsets. Some rooms have TV and Wi-Fi service is available in public areas.

In our restaurant you can know and taste the dishes of Sardinian cuisine, pasta with fresh homemade soups or poor grandmothers, no, leave out the meat, cheese and desserts.
Inside the hotel we also have a great pizzeria that will delight you with an endless variety of pizzas.
To enjoy your moments of relax and become familiar with the villagers do not fail to make you a drink at the hotel bar, you’ll discover how easy it is to have new friends.
We have under construction a conference room (ambivalent) where in the evenings you can project movies Sardinian or possibly your documentaries of the day, or you can turn into a dance floor.